After You Move In

Home Maintenance

1. Locks - Safety
Who knows how many people have copies of keys to your new home. Have a locksmith change or re-key the locks.

​2. Test Detectors - Safety
Smoke detectors should be on every level. Homes with any fuel burning device - gas furnace/appliances/water heater, fireplace or attached garage should have a carbon monoxide detector on every level of the home. Combination detectors with 10 year sealed batteries are a great option.

​3. Check Furnace Filter - Maintenance
Filters should be changed every 30-60 days.

​4. Plumbing - Maintenance
Your home inspector checked the plumbing, but time has passed. Check all​ valves and pipes for leaks.

5. Deep Clean - Sanitation
Give your new home a thorough deep cleaning before you move in.

​6. Clean Carpets- Sanitation-Maintenance
The home is vacant, so this is the best time to have the carpets steam cleaned for a clean, fresh start in your new home.

7. Shut Offs - Emergencies
Familiarize yourself with the location and how to operate the main disconnects/shutoffs for electricity and water.

8. Vendor List - Emergencies
Have a list of vendors for various emergencies and home repairs.

~More Tips Coming Soon~