I chose Thin Line because I liked what Pete said when we talked. Both he and Ryan lived up to everything he said on that initial call. With Thin Line you get two inspectors. No "stone" was left unturned. They spent over 4 hours with us and when the inspection was over I felt like there wasn't anything I didn't know about the house. The information they provided in the report helped me make an informed decision about purchasing the property. Thin Line also honors the promise that they will be there after the inspection from answering questions to providing resources for new homeowners regarding contractors and services. If you hire Thin Line for your home inspection, you're hiring the best.

Darrol Nelson

After recently taking over the caretaking responsibilities of family owned property, I asked Pete to come out to perform an inspection and I couldn t be more pleased with his work. Pete was extremely thorough and professional as he took his time examining every inch of the house. Not only did we receive a comprehensive report of his findings, but he explained everything to me as we walked the property together. Armed with the knowledge that I gained from my experience with Thin Line Home Inspections, I feel better equipped to take care of the property. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a high quality home inspection at an affordable price. Thanks Pete!

Raymond Gambrill

Wow, I can't stress how impressive these folks were! Not only did their professionalism, competency, and prices put us at ease, but they managed to impress my parents and in-laws -- a feat I rarely achieve! We took a gamble with Thin Line because we knew very little about the company. I'm glad to report the gamble paid off big time. They cut no corners, we have nothing but confidence moving forward with our home purchase thanks to the detailed work and keen insights delivered by Thin Line.

Andrew Clayton

I worked with Pete and it was a pleasure. He arrived on time and started immediately. He took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions and provide additional education. This was a pre-sale inspection that was well worth the investment. When the time comes to purchase my next house, I will definitely call on Thin Line.

Stacy Blow

Such an amazing group of guys. Pete & Ryan were professional, timely, honest, and friendly. They informed me about everything as they went and explained it in terms that I should understand. They also have convenient afternoon/evening hours. I will definitely use them again and would suggest them to anyone looking for a home inspection.

Kimberly Weaver

Peter and Ryan were completely professional and customer focused. They really took their work seriously, and took the time to explain their results to make sure I understood everything. They definitely helped me realize how important safety is in buying a property, and I would highly recommend.

PJ Torres

Thin Line Home Inspections provide thorough inspections and prompt service. They communicate well with the client both in person and in their printed reports - complete with pictures. I really appreciate that they've expanded their services to include several more key areas of necessary inspections. Pete and Ryan are great to work with!

M Eldridge

Pete and Ryan provided very prompt and thorough service. They are very knowledgeable and professional and made us feel good about the home we were buying.

Jennifer Belovich

Very professional and friendly. Walked through the entire house with me and explained each issue. They were very thorough in checking every part of the house.

Randy Williams

Pete and Ryan were a dynamic duo that provided complete and professional home inspection services. I'm very pleased with every aspect of the services provided and the inspection report was very clear and concise in helping me to determine the true condition of the property from literally top to bottom. I trust these guys and that means everything. Kudos to you both.

Elise Schofield